Welcome to the Audio Drama Lab.

We help each other make stuff.


Making stuff is hard.

How do I write a character who isn’t just me?
Where do I find voice actors?
How can I pay my cast and crew! I have exactly $0 in my budget for anything right now!
What’s the best microphone for my space and budget?

“Where do I start?”


You can start here.

What is the Audio Drama Lab?

Simply put, we’re trying to do two things:
1) Build a space for creators of all types to network, learn/teach, and collaborate.
2) Build a space for new creators to find guidance as they go from idea to launch and beyond!

Most of that happens on the Audio Drama Lab Discord server. But there are some things a website is more tailored for. On here we have things like the Creator Directory, where creators can setup a public profile featuring samples of their work.

There’s also the Promo Swap system to streamline cross-promotion between audio dramas! That’s not everything and we have more coming, so come and join the lab!

Meet the Professors*

*we are (mostly) not professors

Jess Berson

I was the writer, director, and voice of Gemma on the metaphysical sci-fi audio drama, Echoes (In) Between. My background is in theater, improv comedy, voice acting, and various forms of fiction writing. You can also find some of my experimental projects on my Blue Rose podcast!

W. Keith Tims

I’m a writer, director, voice actor, and podcast host. I worked in academia for film & theatre for 20 years, teaching, writing, directing, and acting. I am the creator the audio dramas The Book of Constellations and the upcoming The Love Talker, and am the host of the podcast The First Episode Of, which is about audio drama and the creative process.

Joseph Rutledge

I am Joseph from WIRELAND Ranch. I have a knack for dark psychedelia and weird fiction in general. If you need any assistance heading down that path, lemme know.

Magnus Carlssen

I’m a professional audiobook narrator and moonlighting audio drama creator (The Nebulous Saga and the Havok Story Podcast). I’m also a recurring voice in a couple shows you may find represented here – The Madness of Chartrulean, The Storm Chasers, and Gather the Suspects. I spent about a decade of my early career in movies and commercial production, in roles ranging from camera assistant to senior editor to assistant director, and eventually I found my niche as a voice actor. I’m a jack-of-all-trades here, but the tech stuff is my first love.

H.M. Radcliff

I’m the showrunner behind The Madness of Chartrulean. I’m here to answer any questions you may have regarding producing, directing, editing, and sound design. I am also a visual effects artist and video maven with some opinions on asset generation for marketing. I can speak semi-intelligently about:
Writing – Final Draft
Audio – Pro Tools, Reaper
Visual – Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, Maya, Unreal Engine

Nathan Lunsford

You might know me from The Storage Papers where I work with Jeremy Enfinger, or from co-running Phonic Fiction Fest, a 48 hour audio drama creation event, with Cole Weavers, from being an announced writer on the upcoming The Magnus Protocol, or from running PodVibes, a Mastodon-based social media site for audio drama fans and creators. Things I do: write, act, edit, mix, market, web stuff, graphics stuff, computer stuff. I’m happy to help where I can, and learn where I can’t.

Wait, why are you called professors?

We were feeling cheeky. That’s it. We don’t know everything, and sometimes, we don’t know anything. What we do have, though, is some experience and a willingness to help others. Now, stop hanging around here and join us! The more voices, the better (which is a big reason this whole thing is free)!